Head Over Heels

Here to rock

Head Over Heels musical journey started in 2008 by Shawn White in a small town in CA. Over the years, the band has had the opportunity to play shows with many artists that influence their sound such as Of Mice and Men, I See Stars, Suicide Silence, Attila, Chunk No Captain Chunk, A Skylit Drive, Forever the Sickest Kids, The Word Alive. They have played on various festivals such as all stars tour, warped and rockin roots.

In 2021, Shawn regrouped the band to Austin, TX and started working with Cameron Mizell of Chango Studios. They are now in the process of releasing a LP “Kings Canyon” with three singles currently out, the latest one being Pray for Me featuring Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens. 

Since the move to Texas, the band has played in all the major cities and has opened for bands like Dropout Kings, Notions, Hatewaker and Faith In Vain as well as playing various Emo Nite shows around Austin through the TX emo club. 

Now the band is currently in the process of writing the next LP and also booking as many shows as possible.